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The secret ingredient is always love


Welcome!  I'm a mom boss photographing weddings in the Pacific Northwest region and everywhere fun couples are found.  If your wedding is not in the PNW area I LOVE to travel!  I have a light, airy and romantic film-inspired style.  Natural light is my JAM and fun couples are the peanut butter.............to the love sandwich.  Ya.............I went there.

  If you fed a chihuahua a dozen donuts and two venti lattes, then made it binge-watch every bachelor and bachelorette show you would basically have my twin.  My natural habitat is on my couch watching reality tv........with my sweatpants!  You bring the tacos and I'll bring the fun!!!
  I absolutely ADORE couples!  My favorite thing is helping bring your love story into your photos in a classic way.  Creating photos that look timeless, while also making you feel at ease is my passion.  I want you to walk away with fond memories of our joyful time together and I aim to make it carefree and fun.

I'm Tia!  coffee addict, and cat lover

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The secret ingredient is always love

What to expect

  Hello bride to be!  I know this is an exciting, busy, ever-changing season for you.  I don't like not knowing what to expect in my own life so I want to give you honesty and plenty of time to walk with you step by step to understand what a wedding day would look like with me.  Over coffee is the best way to do this!  Most photographers can take gorgeous photos but I want you to feel like I'm family.  Like someone who can walk in, have some inside jokes, laugh with your loved ones that are supporting you through your day and make your whole wedding party feel included.  I feel like that is what I was made to do and there is no better way to see if we are a perfect fit then over a carameled up latte!

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