I like to visit nature but I do NOT want to stay the night

I will never say no to Sushi 🍣

Emoji's are my second language 💁🏼‍♀️

The first thing I said to my husband was "your hair smells nice"

Awkward is my comfort zone

The Real Stuff

I have been with my husband for a decade.  Not every year that we have been married has been the easiest, but I can say that he is who God chose for me and every year he continues to show me what true unconditional love is.  It is humble, always hopes and protects.  With that love we have made (tmi??) two amazingly beautiful, caring, energetic boys.  Watching them do what they love without a worry about what tomorrow brings has inspired me to pursue this dream of mine to own my own wedding photography business.  I hope, in the small time I spend with my couples that I can show that there is life to be lived and love to be had.  The best truly is to come.

don't let anyone treat you like free salsa.
you. are. guac.

what does a wedding day look like with me

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