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Life is too short to not enjoy it

I have lines that prove I have loved parts of life waaaaaay to much, but I'm sure glad that all the frowns haven't left their marks.  I believe I have been designed to help you do the same, well hopefully with less wrinkles and replace that with more twinkles in your eye.  You will soon find out that I have a knack for all things corny ;)  If you have made it this far then I know we are gonna be great friends!


The first question I get asked when people find out I’m a photographer is “Do you photography xyz?”. So I want to talk to you about if you should specialize your photography business and what the pros and cons are. So, what does it mean to specialize your photography business? When you specialize in one […]

For Photographers

October 21, 2019

Should you specialize your photography business? Why and why not

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