My Sweet Clients

Kaci + Zach

Simply put, Tia is beyond words. From the beginning of the photo process, she is there every step of the way. She does everything in her power and provides her expertise to ensure your pictures are everything you envision them to be. She offers invaluable insight and acts as a support- she sticks around and ensures your whole wedding process is smooth sailing.

Tia is a fun-loving and spunky gal that you can't not feel comfortable with in front of the camera- she knows how to bring out the model in you! All in all, we could not have been happier with Tia and are in love with our photos that showcase our personalities and relationship perfectly. 

Tia was literally nothing less than spectacular. We had a not so good experience with a young lady who was supposed to be "AMAZING," and ended up being a complete disappointment. As we sought out another photographer to do a second engagement session and then a wedding it was a very uneasy feeling. Meeting Tia was a breath of fresh air. It was like she had been our friend for years. My now husband, who is not so keen on photos, was at the session laughing and actually having a good time all because of her.

My wedding day was perfect in huge part to Tia. Her personable interactions with my friends and family assisted in our day being so meaningful. Only a week went by when I received notification that our wedding photos were ready. There was no doubt in my mind that they would be great. Then after viewing them, my heart sank, because they were more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Her attention detail, quality of work, and the ability to capture the true love Joe and I feel towards each other and our families was priceless.

We are forever grateful for the amazing photographs of our special day. After the " I do," I couldn't think of any better way to start our lives together than the photo book beginning with the Trolio's Wedding brought to us by Tia.

Nicole + Joe


Tia is the most fun, energetic, and high-spirited photographer I've had the pleasure of working with. During my photo shoot I was relaxed and she always made sure I knew I looked like a princess. She was very encouraging and she knew what would look great to both of us.

I was more than impressed when she sent my photos to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful smile I never knew existed. Honestly, there was never a dull moment during our shoot. I left our shoot feeling more beautiful than ever before. 

Erika + Chay

I’m no photographer but I definitely dabble in taking pictures, and often.  I knew from the moment I saw your albums you were exactly the photographer that would capture the look I was going for.

I’ve never in my 7 years of adulthood (and 50+ photo sessions) had a photographer send me an album of photos and have such an emotional reaction.

Not only did I feel and watch your professionalism, passion, and knowledge of your craft but I felt and believed in it, after knowing you for 5 minutes.

I’ve never been more excited to show off photos in my life.
You’ve given me more than a gift of photos.. and I can’t thank you enough for that.

My only regret was that I didn’t find you sooner.

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